Displacement piles

With respect to driven piles, when drilling a pile, driller has a/ways had to solve the problem of the bore walls collapsing. Use of casing, bentonite and polymers is the classical solutions.

With the CFA method, in which soil extraction and concreting are simultaneously performed, the bore remains always full, either with spoils or concrete. Therefore the problem of watt collapse does not exist.
With the displacement pile technology, in which the tool drills the soil and displaces it laterally toward the bore walls, situation becomes very close to driven piles: no more spoilsclean job site!

Even if this type of piles is since years quiet popular especially in Middle East, more recently, the increasing costs to dispose of excavation spoils have promoted displacement pile method development.
Also the environmental problems in the contaminated soils that are led to the development of soil compaction tools which eliminate or minimise the quantity of spoils brought to the surface during pile execution have given their contribution to spread the method. Also, being noise and vibration free, compaction (displacement) is an interesting alternative to driven piles, especially in urban areas.

EGYDRILL, on the basis of its extensive experience gained in CFA(Continuous Right Auger) and CSP/CAP (Cased Secant pile/Cased Augered Pile) technologies, has developed a range of new tools which have been purposely designed to reduce torque and crowd force required – enlarging the range of rigs to be used, to give higher production rates and keep transport and dumping costs low. Thus alternative to DP (Displacement Piles) technology, EGYDRILL discovered and patented the new compaction technology called TCT(Traction Compacting Tool).